Study In Covid 19

What I have in this article, I have not said before, I am saying in the form of some points below –
1) The state of reading everyone’s writing in Corona!
2) What is their mental state!
3) How to continue studying at this moment!
4) Is the assignment from school really effective?
I hope you like the article!

First topic: The state of reading everyone’s writing in Corona!
Talking about this issue, the first thing to say is that from the beginning, schools were closed in Bangladesh on March 17, 2020! Think? It’s been over 1 year since I wrote this (03/04/2021)
When did we actually think the school was open when the holidays would be? When will the holiday be? And now I wonder when the school will open (laughs). Anyway, the boys and girls of poor families have suffered the most due to the closure of schools! Because, those who live in Shar, they go to expensive schools, there are online classes live through their zoom app!

Also those who have well-off families are teaching in various online schools! I also read 3 months! That is very pleasing! However, this does not mean that online classes are not available in rural schools. The government schools and colleges in the villages are also taking online classes under the direction of the government, but the teachers are giving videos on Facebook pages or YouTube channels! Now you may tell me that the boys and girls of the village are also taking online classes!
But that’s not the point! Because, even though the online classes of the village government school and college are there, not all the boys and girls there have smartphones! Even if there is no internet facility! And the online classes in the village are regular and the quality is not good. Because of this, not everyone gets the benefit of online classes! Students are sitting at home but not getting the right direction, which is what they get from their teachers! For this reason, even if they read, that reading is not happening in a mature way!

Second condition: What is their mental state!
Many psychiatrists have said this! Now you have to say well don’t do it! There is a loss of education, but what about the mental state? That’s it! Not being able to get out of the house for many days, everyone is tired! Their brains have become weak due to lack of sports and entertainment! Mental health is also being damaged as a result of excessive use of smartphones. Therefore, it is also important to look at the emotional side of the students as well as the study!

Third issue: How to continue studying at this moment!
This is a very important factor at the moment! Because, even if our studies are interrupted, we have to recover. That’s why here are some methods that will come in handy!
(1) Regularize the assignment
(2) Try to stay as far away from the smartphone as possible! (Although I can’t)
(3) Have regular online classes and be honest (meaning don’t take any wrong approach)
(4) Studying with parents from home

Fourth issue: Is the assignment from school really effective?
In fact, I can not say much about this point! All I can say is that if you understand the assignment correctly then it is fine but if you look at the book and if you don’t put creativity to work then sorry!

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